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Winter Clothing Ideas for Women Layering is a key element in dressing for winter. You can move between outdoors and indoors by putting on or taking off one or two layers to stay at a comfortable temperature. If you are going to be outside for long periods, wear silk long underwear. It is thin but warm, and it won't make you perspire or overheat when you go inside. Wear thin layers in knit fabrics as foundations so you won't bulk up. K nit fabrics lay smooth on the body and help keep heat in.

Consider a camisole or Tshirt as a first layer. Also, two thin layers can add visual interest to your outfit. For example, wear a Vneck Tshirt over moncler jackets outlet a lacy camisole. Layer next with a blouse or dress, and then add a sweater, vest or fitted blazer. If you love to wear skirts, pair them with tights or leggings.

Puffy parkas are great if you are going skiing, but they aren't the only things you can use as outerwear in the winter. Jackets come in many fabrics and lengths and have different insulation options to meet your winter needs. Wool coats will keep you warm and have a classic appearance. Many wool coats are also insulated. If you experience rainy winters, consider long, waterproof raincoats with zipout cheap moncler jackets linings for easy drying. Leather jackets can be pricey but are beautiful and often waterrepellent.

moncler uk for Lantana Plants

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Winter Care moncler uk for Lantana Plants


Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 to 11. However, the plant will die back to the ground in USDA zone 7 and often in USDA zone 8 as well. If heavily mulched there, the most robust types such as 'Miss Huff' (USDA zones 7 through 11) should resprout from their root crowns in spring. Don't plant any lantana after late summer, though, if you want it to survive the winter in marginal zones.


Winter Care in Zones 7 through 11In usually frostfree climates, lantana shouldn't require much winter care at all. If its leaves do get nipped by frost, leave affected foliage in place over winter to shield the rest of the plant. Whether or not the lantana has been damaged, cut it back severely in spring to encourage fresh new growth.


A lantana growing in colder zones usually can endure light frosts, down to about 29 degrees Fahrenheit, with little damage except possibly a hint of purple in its leaves. At lower temperatures, however, its foliage will begin to die back.


After that foliage is dead, leave it in place, surrounding and partially covering it with a noncompacting winter mulch such as 3 to 6 inches of chopped dead leaves or 6 to 12 inches of straw. If you prefer a neater look, try cutting the dead stalks back to 1 inch high before applying winter mulch on top of the resulting stubs.


Once nighttime temperatures begin to fall below 50 degrees F, pot up your lantana in a fastdraining and slightly acidic potting soil such as that designed for cacti. Shift it into the shade to prepare it for the dimmer light indoors. After the plant is wellestablished in the container and just before you move it indoors, mix 5 tablespoons of an insecticidal soap concentrate into 1 gallon of water and thoroughly spray the plant.


Where you place the lantana will depend on whether you want it to remain semidormant over winter or prefer to grow it as a houseplant. If you choose to keep it semidormant:


Place it in a moncler uk store bright but chilly position, such as in a sun porch or garage window.


Keep the plant at a temperature between 40 and 50 degrees.


Refrain from fertilizing it and water it only about once a month or often enough to keep its roots from drying out completely.


Lantana Plant Care


Lantana is an easytogrow, beautiful flowering plant that attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. It related to verbena, with little clusters of moncler uk sale colorful.